The Photography Masters

A Warm Welcome

The Ultimate Wedding Photography training course which is designed by photographers for photographers!

“Wedding photography is one of the hardest damn jobs in photography.  Period.  End of story.” ― Zack Arias

Welcome to The Photography Masters. Photography training dedicated to weddings. Compiled and designed exclusively for today’s Wedding Photographers.

The ‘boot camp’ training courses will be full of information that is required to understand and shoot weddings well before a wedding, during a wedding, and after a wedding. Experience, top tips, and knowledge will be shared openly with you during the courses, and no stone left unturned! Mini 1-2-1’s sessions are also available with our trainers.

As wedding photographers working in the UK, we all have to work in whatever our British weather throws at us – rain, wind, and harsh sunlight; so, if you shoot weddings in the UK,  then the UK has to be the best place to be to learn about wedding photography!

It doesn’t matter whether you are an amateur or professional, we can help you to enhance your skills dramatically and improve your understanding of wedding photography, marketing, pricing, business and how to capture those moments under pressure.

So, what is the Masters?

The Photography Masters select excellent trainers who are also superb photographers, willing to share and listen to your needs and requirements.  A four-day residential wedding photography workshop, where you meet like-minded photographers, learn new skills, give your confidence a boost and build a network of friends.   And as we are UK wedding photographers we work in UK wedding venues and with whatever the British weather throws at you.

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